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What Zoom Does

Multiple Mapping Data Sources

Access eight different geocode/mapping data sources with the click of a button. Each source has been carefully selected to provide you with the most accurate data available.

All Location Markers on one Map

Each data source accessed is returned back to you in a visual format letting you see exactly where the address is located based on each geocoder's results.

Census Tract Boundaries Overlay

An overlay of the census tract boundaries may be turned on or off to visually depict where each geocoder's coordinates lie and within which tract.

Geocode & Demographics Details

Click on individual geocoder results to view more advanced details including county, MSA, census tract, median family income, minority population and much more.

Satellite & Map Views

Optionally view the map in the standard, graphical format or see the actual properties via the satellite mode. If you need more detail, you can even get down to a street level view in some areas.

Printable Map & Data

The complete geocode and demographic information may be printed along with a customizable and interactive map of the address location and census tract boundaries.

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